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Mesabi joins the HF MIXING GROUP


HF MIXING GROUP strengthens its leading position for automation solutions by acquiring Mesabi Control Engineering, making Mesabi the latest addition to the group. As part of the acquisition, Mesabi's experienced management and engineering team will remain in place to ensure continuing support and continuity for Mesabi's broad customer base. Bringing Mesabi into the HF MIXING GROUP will bring benefits for both the businesses and their customers. Systems automation is one of the fastest growing segments in the rubber compounding industry. However, it is also a segment which requires significant research and development effort and investment to meet the evolving requirements of the industry. Along with the growing sophistication of automation systems, HF's global customers are increasingly demanding strong local support for its products.

In many markets there is a strong customer demand for customized automation solutions which are adapted to the local customer's special requirements. Bringing Mesabi into the HF MIXING GROUP gives HF a strong presence in the U.S. market as Mesabi is without doubt the local market leader for systems automation of batch mixing lines. Mesabi will continue to support and service its Mix Vision automation systems and software and Mesabi's customers will enjoy the strong support of HF MIXING GROUP's global reach and strong research and development team. At the same time, Mesabi's experienced automation systems team will be able to provide customization of HF's ADVISE® automation system for the American market and will also be able to provide strong local support for these automation system customers.