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The Real-Time Mixing Screen is the main status display for the compound mixing cycle. This display is typically comprised of several tabs. The page tabs on the left indicate the recipe steps for the current compound. The Mixer tab displays the graphic display which shows current recipe status, weigh systems status, and equipment status. The animation shows doors opening, ram movement and position, rotors turning, material feeding etc. This screen is customized to reflect each customer’s equipment configuration.mixing

Trend Data

The Trend tab is a real-time X/Y chart which can display any of the process control variables such as compound temperature, main drive power, ram position, etc. over a time scale. trend


Alarm/Fault tab displays a list of all the active alarms and faults for the current compound. The most recent alarm is always displayed at the bottom of the real-time mixing screen.mix alarms


The Schedule tab shows the curent job status.mix schedule