Floor Operations

Raw Material Receiving

Mix Vision provides features for the entry and receipt of raw materials used by the mixing control system. Information such as; received date, shelf life, vendor information, and lot information can be entered by component and bar code labels generated for attachment to the associated packages.  The bar code labels will be used for both material verification in the process and for lot traceability, in addition materials exceeding the shelf life will be flagged.

Feeder Configuration

Feeder configuration provides the ability to assign ingredients to feeder positions and/or day bin positions, and adjust feeder tuning parameters such as pre-act and fast/slow settings. The feeding parameters are adjusted and maintained in the system database for each ingredient, providing consistent feeder control and repeatability.


A Mill display can be configured to any number of mills; drop mill, sheeter mill, strip mill or for an extruder etc., with settings and feedback associated with each type of machine.

Batch Off

The Batchoff display typically shows the batch ID sequence from the discharge of the mixer to the cooling line discharge. It provides mechanisms for the collection of actual compound weight, packaging, and lab test information. It also provides for the printing of Compound/Skid ID tags with bar codes.


The Shipping display provides mechanisms for the selection and entry of outgoing shipping information including the creation of a barcode shipment tag that will provide complete traceability. Products/Shipments can be traced back to their raw ingredients, lots, process information, and production information facilitating the highest level of traceability.

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